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I’m here to help you find the game changing solution that will extend the lifetime of your equipment to the period where it’s design truly allows it.

About Me




Miroslav gojak 


Miroslav Gojak is the owner of Vento Global group dealing with advanced technical solutions in Oil&Gas, Mining and Energy Production. My mission is to maximise the operational life and significantly (not cosmetically) prevent any unnecessary spare part replacement, service or fluid change.


Equipment has to be efficient and reusable. If rockets can be efficient and reusable, then lot of other things can also. Redistribution of the technology has to come. Equipment, food and energy can be produced locally.  Unnecessary transportation and moving lots of good around the world makes no sense economically and ecologically. Challenges are in changing the economy of changing and implement the economy of re-using.




Miroslav Gojak

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“There’s no bad time to change the way we do things.  Adoption and improvement is a constant process necessary to stay competitive!”


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