About me


miroslav gojak


Miroslav Gojak is the owner of Vento Global group dealing with advanced technical solutions in Oil&Gas, Mining and Energy Production.

My mission is to maintain the value. I’m an engineer so I prefer to have the stability instead of artificial oscillations. We live in a world with limited resources, but in a mentality of constant replacing.  We act like this with our assets as well as with our relationships. Only keeping the values brings the prosperity, both economical and mental.

Contact me and we’ll find a solution together.


Why Work With Me?

Legally it’s not allowed for the companies to install a “weak points” in their products on purpose to limit durability due to service and part sales. Despite this fact the companies find a way how to avoid this legally binding circumstance.

I’m here to help you find the game changing point and extend the lifetime of your equipment the period where it’s design allows it. 

Personal Information

Age 41, Married, father of two kids.
Education: Turbine Design Engineer
Languages: Fluent in Croatian and English, understand: Russian, Italian, Czech
Hobby’s: Running, Transcendental Meditation, Picking mushrooms, Passionate about extreme engineering

“Keep your values – we live in culture of replacing on a planet with limited resources. This is not sustainable long term.”


Phone & WhatsApp

+385 91 522 5553