Cut the heavy machinery maintenance cost by 50% - it's doable very easy! Let's create the new value from Earth's money
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I believe in “Earth’s money”

When this planet was created, millions of tonnes of all kind of metals were mixed together, creating the earth’s surface. Enormous effort, knowledge, machinery and time is needed to excavate, separate and refine those metals. Our everyday’s live is unimaginable without them today. Their quantity and value cannot be faked. Interesting data: Around 13 trillion dollars of gold was excavated throughout the whole history of mining. US printed around 6 trillion dollars and Europe around 5 trillion Euros just in 2020. They printed the money equivalent to the current value of all the gold ever put out of the ground. To me it is not questionable what has the true value!

Don’t ask the OEM’s are you allowed to challenge the cost!

35 to 50 percent of annual operating budget goes on equipment maintenance and repairs. Solutions for decreasing those costs are simple, but to implement it is like you’re trying to convince someone to change their religion. By visiting the mine sites, I noticed that there’s a big fear and resistance in doing something new and innovative in order to decrease the maintenance cost, especially if it is radical decrease. “We need to ask the maintenance company or the OEM can we do it” is the most common answer. Why would you ask anyone can you do something on your own equipment? Why would someone who lives out of spare parts and repairs said YES to any of this solutions?

In my opinion, keep it simple and don’t ask the approval to clean your back yard!


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