Stationary equipment is a valuable asset. Once paid off it is a cash-cow either for the owner or for the maintenance company. Let's make it yours!
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Industry strategic machinery

My belief is that the strategic stationary equipment should be treated as a “cash cow” for the owner and stockholders of the facility, not the maintenance companies. This is more than doable with the simple, innovative, reliable and applicable solutions.  Complex solutions, beside questionable effectiveness, require complex and expensive maintenance. In my opinion, keep it simple!

Why would you blindly trust the OEM’s and maintenance companies?

When I approach the engine I always see it from the owner’s and operator’s side. I ask myself: how can I make this machine work longer without maintenance and spare part replacement. Both, owner and maintenance company has the same goal: they want the machine to work. The main difference is in the perspective of the amount of maintenance work and spare parts changed in order to achieve that goal!



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