Crisis hit the industry. Good news is that Oil&Gas gas have the biggest space for improvements in maintenance and lowering the carbon emissions in parallel.
Miroslav Gojak

Ready for radical savings?

Oil&Gas has the biggest opportunity for improvement in this crisis time. Exploration cost are higher, refining is more complex and requires products with higher quality. Maintenance cost is higher due to strict environmental legislation. Believe it or not, solution is always simple and close, and it was here for 25 years already. It was newer important as it is now to actually implement it. 

Resistance to change, complex purchasing procedures, OEM’s and maintenance companies lobbying, inertia…. This are some of the challenges that future successful Oil&Gas companies has to overcome in order to win in the competition battle. It is not easy, but it is not that difficult. Technical solution exists, and if challenges I mentioned are willing to be put aside, I’m ready to come personally. We’ll find a solution together…  


The art of engineering!

I’m always ready to come directly to the refinery, leading dock, oil well , processing plant. Those technical works of art amazes me. Someone has to construct all this, someone had to make calculations , someone had to produce it, and someone had to assemble it. I have deep respect towards the work of all those people. My mission is to preserve the value they created. I want to make it work better, with less downtime, less maintenance  and less replacements. This is our engineering heritage and we have to respect it! 

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